Re: Ver w0.84B7 can't do CHAT WINDOW *and* 'see' users

Bill Woodland (
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 02:33:01 -0600

>I am using W0.84B7 and cannot do a chat in the chat window and see the users
>at the same time. What happens is in order for me to "SEE" anyone I need to
>minimize the CUSEEME Main window - everyone is behind it - then if I want to
>bring up a chat window I need to bring ou the CUSEEME Window again hiding
>everyone behind it - any clues...?

Try sizing the CU main window so it is about 1/2" tall and 4 inches wide. Do
this by pointing to the frame around the window so that the mouse pointer
turns into a double ended arrow. Then press and hold the left mouse button
and adjust the height/width. All you need of this window are the actual
menu selections and a small space underneath for the status (Ready,
Connected to aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd, etc.).

This gives you the rest of the screen for video windows and the chat window.
I put the main window at the bottom left of my screen, and the chat window
at the bottom right. This way up to 4 video windows (with auto-tile on)
will be placed across the top of the screen and you still have room for 2
more towards the bottom left, right above the main window.

I put my local window in "position 6" of this layout. This seems to work
very well for me, and allows for maximum use of the screen space. You might
also want to set your maximum number of windows setting to 6, under

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