Re: CU-SeeMe vs. Cinecom

Michael Sweger (
Thu, 21 Dec 95 08:58:05 EDT


I've downloaded this s/w and it seems that it is only between two
people and that you need a video camera to see video. I would just
like to watch video for now. Do you know of any sites similiar to
reflector sites whereby I could view video or see NASA TV? I'm
familiar with the CUSEEME reflector addresses but they don't
respond when using this s/w; therefore, with no video to view it is
hard to do a comparison.

Mike Sweger,

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Subject: CU-SeeMe vs. Cinecom
Author: at DDN/Internet
Date: 12/21/95 6:50 AM


There is no comparison. The new Cinecom software is far superior to
CU-SeeMe. Download the software from their site at and
you will not be disappointed. The software is very easy to use, has a
high frame rate, and color capability.

I think I'm going to unsubscribe from this list :)