Re: Trying to get started. Help me!!!!!

Richard (
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 12:47:20 GMT

At 19:39 20/12/95, Marco A. Gioso wrote:
>> Hi folks. I am new to the list. I am trying to set up in the net. I have
>> a Quickcam, yet no microphone (but I'll get there).
>> I read all the help, FAQs, etc, etc, however I can't resolve the problem
>> on my host name for the computer. How can i do it??????? Can anyone help
>> me out here? I know it must be easy, but I am no hacker on this stuff!
>> Thank you a lot.
>> Gioso,
>> Univ. Pennsylvania

Just getting off myself but can help with one point which is the Quick Cam
has a built in mike