RE: color problem

A. Vitiello (
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 12:37:02 -0500

Vincent[] wrote:
>I got a problem which I can't solve. This list is my final hope.
>I bought an SE100 videoblaster. It's works ok with al the other
>applications I use (video-editing, graphics capture, etc)
>But when I use it for cuseeme (version 0.84b6) I only can
>xmit about 8/16 shades of gray, regardless if I switch to
>64 or 256 colors in the video-setup in cuseeme.
>I receive cuseeme pictures whitch do have more then 8/16
>shades of gray)
>I use win95 with the latest win95 SE100 drivers from creative.
>My videocard is a Stealth-64 VLB video(with feature connector, 2MB=20

I have a se100 and until i got rid of my Diamond video board had the =
same problems and lots more...since installing a STB PowerGraph board =
cuseeme and for that matter everything that uses the se100 works great.=20

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