New product similar to CuSeeMe
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 18:57:24 -0800

Beta Testers and Users Needed:
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New Free Video/Audio Conferencing product for the Internet -
try it out and compare to CuSeeMe!


Current Version is for MS-Windows 3.x, Windows 95 (Will port to Mac soon!)

Works with Quickcam or any Video for Windows compatible camera / capture card.

High frame rate + good audio at 14.4K and up.

Network allows you to register a 'handle' which is then used
by others who want to call you - no IP numbers needed.

Conference calling and full duplex audio supported with no 'reflectors'.

Web-Based white and yellow pages for easy lookup of other users.

Built in automatic bug reporting

Much higher video and audio performance than CuSeeMe, Vidcall, Xing.

Where to get it:
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Download it, try it out, and give me lots of feedback!

Programmers interested in porting product to Mac/Unix: contact