Re: 28.8 Modems for PCs only?

Luc Volders (
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 10:38:23 +0100

>>Brand: Best Data
>>Internal Fax/Modem 28.8
>>(for PC's only)
>>$99.00 at PC MALL 1-800-555-MALL
>I'm not sure what a PC-only modem is, every Hayes-compatable external modem
>I've had the pleasure to use has an RS-232C connector and can be driven
>from my Macs and Windows boxen.

Not trying to annoy you Michael, But the guy is talking about an Internal
External modems are indeed compatible with mac's and pc's.
Internal modems are mac specific or pc specific not yet cross compatible
although maybe this will change with the PCI bus mac. And if PCI modems might
become available.


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