Re: MAC 7200/90s

Richard (
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 12:43:37 GMT

At 0:57 21/12/95, Pam Henline wrote:
>I have been running CU-SeeMe on 660AV Macs and on 6100/AV power pc
>MACs with no problem. Now have a 7200/90, system 7.5.2, CU version
>83b1 for power pc. I have run CU on both a 7200/90 with oscillator
>and without oscillator, and result seems the same. Also have
>open transport 1.08. I suspect that there is some inconsistency
>with this particular hardware. Any ideas or some other version I
>should try??


I saw somewhere last week (maybe the ReadMe with 83b3) and BTW perhaps u
should install 83b3..that OT is incompatible with CuSeeMe and that the
CUSeeMe team and Apple are working to sort it out.

Meanwhile bits of OT 1.08 need removing.

To do this take out from the Extensions/Control Panels/Preferences Folder
(not switch off *out*) and *hide them* somewhere on the HD

Open Tpt Internet Library
TCP/IP Preferences (which could also be trashed instead)

Then introduce our old friend MacTCP ;-) latest version (available at the
usual friendly ftp site)

Be *very sure* that TCP/IP is well out of sight and restart the computer
extensions off before loading MacTCP as TCP/IP and MacTCP do not seem to
like meeting each other...

That should do it

BTW and a bit off topic..or maybe not...for anyone wishing for non CUSeeMe use OT 1.08 which many have complained about not being
compatible with pci Macs, it has some bugs but will work .. using FreePPP
1.02 (1.03 was withdrawn and 1.04 was in beta last week maybe out in a
minute) and OT 1.08
Anyone who wants to know can mail me and I'll forward how...

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