Re: CineVideo 1.06 - New Audio

David M. Bittlingmeier (
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 18:05:42 -0800

Well, I tried to see if it works was easy, however when I
tried to run setup it "didn't work"..I downloaded it three times with the
same results...

At ,, wrote:
>At ,, wrote:
>>At 10:29 PM 12/21/95 +0500, Bob Summers wrote:
>>>CineVideo/Direct V1.06 has been released with a new audio engine in it. You
>>>have too hear it to believe it. It works on 14.4 and still sends full frame
>>>video in color. To get your copy, go to and follow the
>>>CineVideo/Direct Links.
>>>Thanks again to everyone who has made this product possible.
>>>Happy Holidays,
>>>Bob Summers
>>>Chief Software Engineer
>>>CINECOM Corporation