Re: Capture Driver Problem

Enigma (
Sat, 23 Dec 1995 11:34:53 -0800 (PST)

>Subject: capture driver problem
>Message-ID: <>


>software that came with it. As soon as I run the cuseeme software (after
>connecting via PPP) I receive a "Capture driver is not installed properly"
>error which is immediately followed by a "Invalid handle" error. Although
>I can connect to reflectors, my local video window is black/dark gray and I
>am not sending video (others tell me that they can't see me).
>I have removed the msvideo.dll from the cuseeme directory and have set my
>msvideo=quickcam.drv in my system.ini file. If anyone else has had this
>problem and resolved it, I would greatly appreciate your help. This has been
>frustrating me for over a week now.

Did you have a previous video capture board or driver? This was my problem.
The "invalid handle" error is because you're not connected to your internet
provider and isn't related (I don't think) to your video problem.

I'd suggest you delete cuseeme.ini in the Windows directory and all cuseeme
files and reinstall cuseeme from scratch (after verifying that quickpict
still works). It should find the quickcam drivers/settings and use them.

If your local video window isn't working, don't bother asking others. If it
doesn't work, you can bet you can send video. I'm running b7 with Win95 and
not having any problems once I did a clean re-install. I did have quite a
bit of trouble with previous versions.