Re: Before giving up..Help again.

Richard (
Sat, 23 Dec 1995 21:55:27 GMT

At 19:46 22/12/95, Marco A. Gioso wrote:
>> I don't know what I did, but just for one time i got into! But I
>> could see only parts of the people, and no sound at all.
>> Then I suddenly had an error message and had to quit. When i tried to
>> contact again, I had the following msg:
>> Error binding to UDP port (10048).
>> Then i tried again and had the invervant message that i need to
>> get my host name (ID). I am about to give up, but I still want to give
>> another try...Is there anyone there that went through all this before and
>> know how i feel...?
> How to copy exactly the ID??? Is this stuff really necessary? I
>have told that there is another conference where you dont'need the ID. Is
>that true?
>If i need the ID, which i found, should I include the bind stuff that is
>written next to the big number? I save it without the extension, write?
>and then move it to the same directory as the winsock? I did it all.
>Should i also include it in the PATH of Dos? How to do it? Any line is
>OK? In the autoexec? Or config? CAn any of you write that line to me?
>Well, I know there are many questions, but sometimes a good soul helps
>us! Specially during x-mas time!
>> Thank you a lot!
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