CU-SeeMe Worldwide Reflector List #35 is out (and free)

Michael Sattler (
Sat, 23 Dec 1995 16:28:42 -0800

I've collected the notes I've received while overseas and am now ready to
release the next CU-SeeMe Worldwide Reflector List. This version doesn't
require ECash (even though the free links are in my EShop). Here are the
changes since the last list:

# 35. Added host names (thanks to Michael Sweger)
# 35. Added (France) ESM/IMT Nasa Select
# 35. Added (France) ESM/IMT Public Site
# 35. Added (UK) Open U Computing Dept
# 35. Added (UK) Open U Knowledge Media
# 35. Added (USA) Tribevibe
# 35. Added (USA) Penn State CAC Helpdesk
# 35. Added (Switzerland) SWITCH
# 35. Added (Taiwan) Nan Jr College
# 35. Added (Korea) KAIST
# 35. Added (France) CIC de Grenoble (was: Telecom Ecole)
# 35. Added (USA) Texas A & M
# 35. Added (USA) ThePoint Two
# 35. Updated (USA) ThePoint One
# 35. Updated (Sweden) Foeredrag i Lund/Fast's IP address
# 35. Updated (USA) Network Solutions's human
# 35. Updated (Norway) Ostfold/Fenris's new domain
# 35. Updated (Norway) Ostfold/Kark's new domain
# 35. Updated NASA Select's URL
# 35. Removed Pacific Rim Network per Gavin Shearer>

I would appreciate any and all constructive comments on my newly-redesigned
web pages, the EShop and the CU-SeeMe pages all got face-lifts, even though
some things (like the CU-SeeMe User's Guide) are not yet updated.

The EShop is at


The CU-SeeMe pages begin at


The List is at


Please update your web pages as necessary. (I'll look in my book for the
list URLs and keep copies of the reflector list there as well.)

If you have any problems downloading the list, the pages, etc., please
email me directly.

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