New Video Card, PrimeTime Combo

Jon Clarke (
Sun, 24 Dec 95 09:30:25 -0800

Merry Xmas people,

Well I finaly through in the towel on this PrimeTime Combo video card
and seek your combined help with it.

The card will do video in and out (like the Creative se100, se400 (for
mpeg although no where near as good, even the Xing software product beats
it hands down) and the Creative TV blaster) MPEG, TV capture and
teletext data. It is in effect 3 Creative Tech. cards in one.

All this works well with MS-Windows 3.1 (though not with Win95 build
490) however there seems to be a big problem when trying to get the video
overlay working with CU-seeme and other normal Video capture products
like DVP etc.

Has anyone ever used a "PrimeTime Combo" with CU-seeme at all and got it
to WORK?

If you have please email me with some details, or if any of you know
where I can find them on the net (I have searched for a week now to no
avail) please let me know.

Jon Clarke


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