Push to Talk

Vincent P. Morales (Vincent.Morales@i-link.net)
Sun, 24 Dec 95 16:21:40 -0800

Can anyone tell me why, when I click the Push to Talk Button, it
stays depressed with the message TRANSMITTING and does not
release when I release my mouse button. While the message is
there, I have no control over CU-SeeMe at all, all windows are in
the background with only the Audio window active which I have no
control of. I'm running a 486DX2-66, 1.5 gigs of disk storage,
SoundBlaster 16, 8 megs RAM, etc. over a 28.8 PPP link. Audio
works fine except when I try to Xmit audio in CU-SeeMe. Any help
would be appreciated.

Vince Morales