CUSDIAL Software

Gordon F. Ross (
Tue, 26 Dec 1995 04:03:54 -0800

Do any of you have a copy of the CUSDIAL software created by Richard Cekal?
I have tried to get in touch with him by e-mail, but he hasn't replied.

The CUSDIAL SETUP.EXE file does not work (because my Windows 3.1 will not
allow the CMMDLG.DLL file in the CUSDIAL setup program to work -- I get an
error message from Windows saying that the CMMDLG.DLL file (already in my
Windows subdirectory) is already being used. As a result, none of the other
files in the CUSDIAL program are inflated but remain with an underscore as
the last digit in their filenames (e.g., CUSDIAL.EX_ instead of CUSDIAL.EXE).

I know how to set up the CUSDIAL program without the use of the Setup
program, because I've done it before. Getting rid of an ANTIEXE virus
caused me to lose the CUSDIAL subdirectory and its files, so I had to
download the CUSDIAL program again. This time, however, I am unable, as I
said, to inflate the unzipped files. All I need, really, is the CUSDIAL.EXE
file, but the other files would be helpful, too.

If one of you could send me the CUSDIAL.EXE file (I don't need the
VBRUN300.DLL file) and any other CUSDIAL files, I'd really appreciate it!

I am using Eudora Pro 2.1, so it will automatically "process" any file that
you send me. You can just attach it as part of your e-letter.

Please send it to me at:

Happy Holidays!

Gordon Ross