Walter H Zerrahn (
Tue, 26 Dec 1995 16:56:10 -0500

Below is a message I had previously sent to Richard Cogger. I have not had
a responce. I post it here in hopes of obtaining an answer.


I have attempted to use CU-SeeMe for one day, yesterday. I am
having difficulties. I have read the text that comes with the software.

I am running a Mac 475 with a 601 upgrade card; system 7.5.1; 12
meg of physical RAM and a QuickCam.

Yesterday afternoon I made my first contact to your reflector. I
was able to see other participants but could not get the audio to work, I
was able to write however.

Last evening I was showing my wife the program, but could not get
the video of other participants to work, nor the audio. The other
participants wrote that they could see me. I was in an exchange with them
about what was happening but I froze. I reread the manual and this morning
attempted to make contact with out RAM Doubler active. I keep getting a
type 11 error and a freeze ( three times). When RAM Doubler was active the
contact was established but no video of others.

I can not remember if when I made the connection yesterday
afternoon whether RAM Doubler was active or not (my guess was not).

I have rebuilt the desktop, zapped the PRAM and run Norton disk
doctor. None of this helped. (In the past, zapping the PRAM has helped in
other type 11 error occurrences.) I could not find anything else in your
notes that I could see as a conflict.

I am testing CU-SeeMe for my school. We would like to try the
applicatiion with our students and other schools. I however need to know
what I'm doing!

Thanks for any help you could provide.