Win95 - lost cuseeme main window

rnnckvll (
Tue, 26 Dec 1995 21:34:48 -0500

Here's a puzzler for you. I'm using CU-SeeMe version 2.83b4
I think (downloaded on Dec 18 from Cornell's ftp site). One of the
lists I downloaded for reflector sites used the s r command after the
IP #. I used this command and now can't control the cuseeme
connection because the window never comes up. At one point an error
message told me it was invisible. Can anyone tell me how to get it
back visible again? If not can someone mail me a copy of the
commands or shortcuts I can use to control the connection and send
receive info. I tried to reinstall but that didn't help. I beleive
that CU-SeeMe also generated a .GID file. I can't read it so I'm not
sure what it does but the reinstall didn't seem to have that file
when it un-encrypted itself.
I also seem to get a large number of plain blank white
windows. They never go beyond 0.0 Kps but the person's connection is
transmitting when I go to the reflector they're bounced from. My
14.4 modem doesn't help.
If I limit the number of open windows, do I make my
connection faster, or do I still receive their packets anyway, just
not see them?

Because I receive a random IP from my provider, is there any
way to give cuseeme the IP when I start it? I'm using Netscape
2.beta so I could put in an instruction to use a bat file.

Any help would be appreciated. Please reply to

Waterloo Internet Cooperative -