"It's not disconnecting!!!"

patrick callahan (soundguy@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 27 Dec 1995 00:31:20 -0800

To whom...

I've been enthusiastically using this program (currently toying with
.84b6) and thought that I should add my two cents worth. I'm using a
Q-cam on a 486-100 at 28.8 and things are working fairly smoothly,
however a couple of things bear mentioning. My stack is the 16 bit
Netcruiser Winsock (under Win95) connected to Netcom (in Seattle) and
about 50% of the time, I can't seem to disconnect from a reflector
without terminating the program. It's about 90% of the time with a
direct connection(unless the other party disconnects first).

Another thing I've noticed is that if I terminate the program with the
local window minimized, every once in a while on the next startup the
local window "appears" at screen coordinates that are off the
desktop(i.e. at the lower right coordinates of my 640 x 480 screen).
I have to keep a shortcut to "cuseeme.ini" on the desktop so I can edit
the coordinates to 10,10 or so when it happens.( Took me a hell of a
long time to figure that one out-hope I wasn't picking my nose or
something while I was looking for "my" window...)

A question comes to mind; is it possible to reflect my own image back
to me so I can see how fast it redraws over the net? Also, would it be
possible to have the local window status appear in the participants
window with everyone else?(it would make it a lot easier to remember
whether you were "on" or not when minimized).

I realize that the program is still in the Beta stage, so I'm not
bitching; just relaying some feedback on my experiences.

One more thing; all the software I'm using has something like a
"stopsign" which you can use to unconditionally bail out of an online
event, task, or connection without actually shutting down the program.
May I suggest it's incorporation in this fine program as well? Besides
getting me out of the "unbreakable connection syndrome" it might be
useful to the more sensitive users when confronted by an unexpected
screen full of genitalia. (there is, after all, a few people on the net
who are "sense of humor impaired" )

I also extend the gratitude of the people I have introduced to this
program. Interest is high among the "hip" geeks.(those that eschew
number crunching and prefer to do something "cool" with their machines)
We all eagerly await each incremental update as if it would finally
unveil the meaning of life (or at least a female!)

Keep up the relatively excellent work!

"As you were..."
soundguy <(((

a.k.a. Patrick Callahan
Audio Engineer