Re: cuseeme on a PM9500/120 w/OT1.0.8 - does it work

Richard (
Wed, 27 Dec 1995 12:37:18 GMT

At 17:44 26/12/95, wrote:
>We are trying to get cuseeme .8(?) beta 3 to work on a PM9500/120. Like it
>says, we are using OT 1.0.8 & FreePPP 1.0.4 (so you know we aren't using
>old drivers!).
>Nothing seems to work - we can't even 'Connect to self'! Is the x500 series
>(7500, 8500, 9500) out of the picture for a while, or is it OT, or the PCI
>Has anyone gotten this to work?
I don't know about getting it to work :-) but yes on my 8500 I've been up
and running

1) Minimise Extensions (BTW do you know what they all are..if not I can
send you
a list..

2) CUSM does not work with OT so you have to revert to MacTCP

Remove *completely* from the
Extensions/Prefs/Control Panels Folders -----
Open Tpt Internet Library
TCP/IP Preferences

and hide not let MacTCP and TCP/IP meet anywhere in the
SDystem Folder whether in disabled folder or not hide TCP/IP in a folder on
the HD somewhere..if they have met reload OT 1.08

and (re)install MacTCP .......

If you have any problems with this Scrap OT 1.08 and reinstall clean
remove the above prefs and *then* install MacTCP fresh as well

You can connect to us in London if you want by mailing me and agreeing time
for a hook up and then one of us wilk have to supply the other our IP
address if dynamically obtained when on line..

Let me know if you still have problems...