Re: lost my local video window

Jeff Kinzli (kinzli@TGV.COM)
Wed, 27 Dec 1995 08:50:25 +0000

> My CUseeme was xmitting/receiving fine until today when I realised I
> couldnt view my local video window. Clicking on the [Win95] toolbar
> button wouldn't bring it back, and clicking the right button only
> offered me MOVE, MINIMISE and CLOSE, none of which did anything.
> I can still xmit and receive fine, only I can't see what I'm sending
> which makes it just a tad tricky... any ideas? I'd much appreciate
> some help,

I had the same problem. I found my local video window was
scrunched behind the taskbar; moving the taskbar revealed the window
that I could them move.

I've had lots of problems with window size and position (in
.84b7PC). The way I fix it is to rename the CUSEEME.INI file and start
over from scratch.