Thanks to Joe for this (was Re: Meaningful Questions (or "This

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Wed, 27 Dec 1995 22:49:02 -0600

Thanks, Joe for this. I THOUGHT this was true, but wasn't sure...

>Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 10:57:57 -0800
>From: (Joe Huber)
>Subject: Re: Meaningful Questions (or "This ain't no love letter!")
>>I set my transmit to 10k and my receive to 14k,
>>since I want to SEE more than I want to SEND, and my 28.8 almost always
>>conencts at 24400.
>Modern are FULL DUPLEX meaning that they can send AND receive
>simultaneously at the connection speed. There's really no reason to
>artificially split 24k into a TX and RX component. Both directions get 24k.
>Now it still might be a good idea to limit your TX bandwidth to less than
>28k to avoid overloading some reflectors and getting bumped off. But its
>not because of the modem.
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