Re: CU-SeeMe in Holland

Luc Volders (
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 10:34:58 +0100

Ton Thole wrote:

>I wish to report to you that the Dutch internet providers have
>banned the use of CU-SeeMe on the net. Reason is the required
>bandwith. I would like to know if this is reasonable and known in
>other countries, or is this a kind opf programme censorship whcihc
>should not be accepted. Is there any improvement in the required
>bandwith or any other argument I can use against this.

Before we all start to panic: This story is not completely true.

Ton: you're internet provider may have banned it, mine surely has not.
I just tried CU five minutes ago, when I read you're message.
Nothing wrong on my end.


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