Re: dropped carriers and chat problems

Luc Volders (
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 11:10:36 +0100

>On Tue, 26 Dec 1995, Jerry Oliver wrote:
>> OK here goes, the wife and I LOVE CUSEEME, I realize that the first
>> problem may be with my provider and am going to call them later, but I
>> cannot get through a session (dial up) with a 14400 modem without getting
>> carrier drops. I can stay online for a while (varies) and then the
>> carrier drops...any thoughts?

And fred Salerno answered:

>>The serial driver with Windows 3.1 is buggy. If you have Win 3.1 (not
>>workgroups) you can download a replacement driver from in
>>the SimTel area.

There is still another issue concerning this.

I had the same problem, not only on Windows but also on my Mac.
First I thought it was a problem because off different modems on my side
and my providers side. But no it was not.
There are some modems that loose carrier if there is no data transmission
during a certain period of time.
I realised this when I bought a second modem which did not have this problem.

In one off my modems (no name 28k8) there is a S register which you can set.
This determines when the modem looses connection if no data is received or
transmitted. Once I set this register everything worked fine.

I do not think it is a standard Hayes S register so it may vary from modem
to modem. Check the manual.
If more are interested I can check what register it was in my modem.


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