Message (e-mail) Attachments

Gordon F. Ross (
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 05:19:06 -0800

Recently I have received cu-seeme-l messages with files attached. My
e-mailer, Eudora Pro, automatically downloads the files as well as the
messages from my ISP, decodes them, and places them in the Eudora/Download
subdirectory for my later perusal. Since the messages (and accompanying
files) were intended for one specific person but were sent, as copies, to
the entire mailing list, I personally had no interest in the attached files.
Deleting them from the Eudora/Download subdirectory is a small nuisance, to
be sure, but one I'd rather do without.

Therefore, may I suggest that those of you who wish to send attached files
do so to the specific addressee and not to the entire mailing list (unless,
of course, the file is useful to everybody on the mailing list)?

Thank you!

Gordon Ross