Re: Quickcam not found?

Charlie (
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 09:24:15 -0600

At 12:05 PM 12/27/95 -0800, you wrote:
>Problem: CUSeeMe doesn't find the QuickCam, but instead
>gives me an error and a video window full of snow.
>I couldn't find anyhthing in the FAQ about machines with
>multiple video input devices. How would I
>specify that CUSeeMe use the QuickCam and not the
>Intel card?
>My machine specs are:
>P90, 32meg Ram, Win95.
You might try this:
Look in your system.ini file under [drivers] section.
there should be an entry MSVIDEO=(whatever the Intel driver is) and
another entry MSVIDEO1=quickcam.drv. Change the MSVIDEO1 to MSVIDEO
and the MSVIDEO to MSVIDEO1 and see if things work better.
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