Host vrs alias vrs IP address

R.S. (
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 11:19:44 -0500

Is there any way that the alias can be used in the "connect to" field?

I have downloaded several lists of reflector addresses, and some provide
the alias and IP address, but no host name, for some of the reflectors.

The IP address, of course, does not tell one anything about the
location, while the HOST name or the Alias do. If a HOST name is not
supplied for the reflector, however, then it appears that the IP address
must be used, as there is an error reported back if the alias name is

This is not covered in the FAQ or the readme, or the notes on any of the
web sites that I have gone to re CU-SEEME. Can someone explain it to
me? Why supply an alias if it cannot be used?

Thanks in advance....