Power Mac, 8500/120AV

Justin W. (justin@stcloud.msus.edu)
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 12:09:30 +0000

oki, I am about ready to toss this thing out the door. I have
tried EVERYTHING i can think of to get this thing working. Does
anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?

.83b3 ppc version of cu-seeme (have tried earlier versions, same

start up cu-seeme, everything looks great, local window is fine.
Try to connect to a site. Most of the time, no response. When i do
connect fps from remote users and from my local window drop to zero.
soon after i am booted. cant receive audio. CAnt even connect to
my self and have another person connect p-t-p. grrrr!!!.. i have
used cu-seeme witha 840AV system with no glitches. this new system
bites. if i am using cu-seeme, its like it locks up all tcp/ip
stuff, netscape cant even connect to sites. very strange. i would
love some feedback. this is not my system. so i am not really sure
what in the world he has setup on here. but i have disabled possible
troublemakers. the system didnt even have quicktime support enabled
at first, so these problems could be coming from anywhere .. tcp/ip
settings, audio video settings..etc.. thanks for any info..