QuickCam under Win NT?

Michael A. White (MIKE.WHITE@law.utah.edu)
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 13:35:45 MST

Anyone have any information about running CU-SeeMe with a QuickCam
under NT?

I've successfully done it under Win95. But I can't switch my whole
system to 95, just for a toy to work.

According to Connectix (QCam maker) there is no support for NT, and
no plans <ACK!> (I can tell them that when the new NT WS comes out
they will be forced to support it or lose business! (I digress..))

But when reading through the CUSeeMe readme's, faq's, etc., it was
alluded that someone has indeed gotten it to work.

Any experiences, leads, anything! would be of great worth!

- Mike White
University of Utah