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Ashkan Imanzahrai (imanzah@itsa.ucsf.EDU)
Thu, 28 Dec 95 20:14:05 -0800

I just installed the Cu Seeme for windows. I was able to get some videos
but I just can't receive any audio. I have a sound card which is
indicated in the file menu audio / set up ofthe application. I also made
the changes in the CUSEEME.INI file in my directory.
I am using 14.4 modem in FAQ that came with the application it says that
I can't get any audio with less 28bps modem, but it gives a modification
for modems less than 28bps.
Can any one tell me whether I can or can not get audio using CUSEEME with
14.4 modem. Please reply with E-mail
Thank You
Ashkan Imanzahrai