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Bob wrote:

>Is there any way that the alias can be used in the "connect to" field?
>I have downloaded several lists of reflector addresses, and some provide
>the alias and IP address, but no host name, for some of the reflectors.
>The IP address, of course, does not tell one anything about the
>location, while the HOST name or the Alias do. If a HOST name is not
>supplied for the reflector, however, then it appears that the IP address
>must be used, as there is an error reported back if the alias name is
>This is not covered in the FAQ or the readme, or the notes on any of the
>web sites that I have gone to re CU-SEEME. Can someone explain it to
>me? Why supply an alias if it cannot be used?

Well this has also something to do with the history off CU.
In the Mac version at first one could not bring in the hosts names in your
list off reflectors, only the IP adress.

Second the IP adress is the direct method off adressing something on the
net. Like in the WWW you can use the URL but also the IP adress of a system
which is much more direct, but not as obvious to us mere humans.

The use off hosts names is introduced in a leter stadium in CU.

Now why use an alias with the IP number or with the hosts name?
Simple that's the name the reflector owner wants to give to the system.
And that's the same as in real life. You have a name don't you.
You want give ONLY your adress to people, no you want them to call you by your

Concerning the fact that the hosts name reflects the location off the reflector:
Some people (a lot actually) do not think that it is important where a
reflector is located. Remember, the net is a global community. It is not
where you go, but who you meet and that can be in all locations over the
This is the same with the WWW. One is not concerned where in the world the
server is located, only with what information it brings. Same goes for CU.
Hence the alias.


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