Re: Power Mac, 8500/120AV

Richard (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 12:29:42 +0000

At 12:09 28/12/95, Justin W. wrote:
>oki, I am about ready to toss this thing out the door. I have
>tried EVERYTHING i can think of to get this thing working. Does
>anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?
>.83b3 ppc version of cu-seeme (have tried earlier versions, same
>start up cu-seeme, everything looks great, local window is fine.
>Try to connect to a site. Most of the time, no response. When i do
>connect fps from remote users and from my local window drop to zero.
>soon after i am booted. cant receive audio. CAnt even connect to
>my self and have another person connect p-t-p. grrrr!!!.. i have
>used cu-seeme witha 840AV system with no glitches. this new system
>bites. if i am using cu-seeme, its like it locks up all tcp/ip
>stuff, netscape cant even connect to sites. very strange. i would
>love some feedback. this is not my system. so i am not really sure
>what in the world he has setup on here. but i have disabled possible
>troublemakers. the system didnt even have quicktime support enabled
>at first, so these problems could be coming from anywhere .. tcp/ip
>settings, audio video settings..etc.. thanks for any info..

doesn't work with TCP/IP with OT1.08 and earlier (although tyhere are beta
versions of OT1.11 lurking abt and who knows with those ?)


1) Minimise Extensions (BTW do you know what they all are..if not I can
send you
a list..

2) Revert to MacTCP

Remove *completely* from the
Extensions/Prefs/Control Panels Folders -----
Open Tpt Internet Library
TCP/IP Preferences

and hide not let MacTCP and TCP/IP meet anywhere in the
SDystem Folder whether in disabled folder or not hide TCP/IP in a folder on
the HD somewhere..Michael; S proposes the trash :)....if they have met
reload OT 1.08

and (re)install MacTCP .......

If you have any problems with this Scrap OT 1.08 and reinstall clean
remove the above prefs and *then* install MacTCP fresh as well