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Charlie (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 08:31:16 -0600

At 11:10 AM 12/28/95 +0100, you wrote:
>Now I just wonder what the difference might be at my end.
>I also have a dynamic IP adress on a 28k8 dial up connection.
>I am using Windows 95 and just have 1 entry in my hosts file.
>I never have to edit my hosts file. CU works always.........

I know that some providers allow for clients to assign their own local
computer name to the ip address they are assigned. The provider's domain
name is concatenated onto the name that the client supplies. For instance
if the user supplies the name "mycomputer" and the provider is ""
then no matter which modem port that user dials into he is always

Other providers, such as mine, assign the same local name to a given port.
If one dialed into port 5 his ip might be and his machine
name would be "" for the duration of that call.

I suspect that when the latter case is in effect, the ISP supplies the local
system name and the HOSTS file is never used even if one were to want it to
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