Please make clearer

Lawrence K. Werner (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 12:49:22 -0600

A reply to me said the following but it is not clear:
You can not remove these extyentions and still dial so I assume what is
meant is to remove them and install the MacTCP/IP 2.06. That is I assume it
is TCP/IP since apple no longer makes Mactcp. Is that correct? However when
I remove the libraries from my current version of TCP/IP (1.6) I can not
dial out. Will I be able to remove them with the neww TCP/IP and dial out.
Also, I have already added open transport 1.08. Is that sufficient? I am
running free ppp 1.02. This is a mac 7500 with 24 M ram, 1 gig hard drive.
Is there a Mac person out there with the same machine that is using dial up
successfully with 28.8 modem?

>>To get CU-SeeMe to work on an OT (7500) machine, you've got to do the
>>1. Install OpenTransport COMPLETELY.
>>2. Remove from the Extensions folder the libraries named "Open Tpt Internet
>> Library" and "OpenTptInternetLib". These are the libraries that have the
>> code for mishandling dialup connections. Also remove the TCP/IP control
>> panel.
>>3. Make sure that you have MacPPP 2.1.1SD or later (I use 2.2.0a) and MacTCP
>> 2.0.6 or later. Any version of FreePPP is fine. If you don't have these,
>> they're available in the usual places.
>>4. Turn off virtual memory.
>>This will permit AppleTalk to operate properly, but will supress OT's handling
>>of PPP networking.
>And Tim Dorcey (chief CU devellopper) wrote:
>>Currently, CU-SeeMe (83b3) will only work on a 7500 if you turn off Virtual
>>Memory, so make sure you buy lots of real memory. We *hope* to soon have a
>>work around that will allow digitizing with Virtual Memory on.