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Fri, 29 Dec 95 23:22:48 PST

Hi Jerry,
The cause for disconnection can be as a result of Networking problem when
some applications are very demanding. If you run Windows 3.x, then you can
try and set your MTU to 512. If your provider cannot help in this (he may
not know) then open your c:\windows\win.ini with Write or NotePad and add as
the last line under the tiltle [TCPIP], PPPMTU=512 if you have a PPP
connection. If you use SLIP then SLIPMTU=512. Save it, reboot and hope for
the best. If this does not help, remove the changes you made and I can't
help you. If your problem is solved send me a note.

12/28/95 16:34:45

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The serial driver with Windows 3.1 is buggy. If you have Win 3.1 (not
workgroups) you can download a replacement driver from in
the SimTel area.

On Tue, 26 Dec 1995, Jerry Oliver wrote:

> OK here goes, the wife and I LOVE CUSEEME, I realize that the first
> problem may be with my provider and am going to call them later, but I
> cannot get through a session (dial up) with a 14400 modem without getting
> carrier drops. I can stay online for a while (varies) and then the
> carrier drops...any thoughts?
> I am using a Quick Cam and before I had any kind of a camera, the chat
> window in b7 worked, now we can read the chat window, but cannot transmit
> through it....any ideas or thoughts there?
> Thankyou
> Jerry

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12/29/95 23:22:49