PowerMac 7200 and CU-SeeMe

Dennis & Clinton (jeff@acay.com.au)
Sat, 30 Dec 1995 01:27:11 -0600

cc. me on any fix you come up with.

I have a PowerMacintosh 7200/75
Using open transport v1.0.8
FreePPP 1.0.4
CU-SeeMe 0.83b3 (PPC)
24 meg of ram
virtual memory off
connectix QuickCam attached
can connect to myself and get an image
when I try to connect to a reflector site I usually get no response.
I have discovered that I can achieve success more often, i.e.
getting the frames of the windows up but no images in them, by
quitting CU-SeeMe and re-starting it. But as I said I rarely get any
images in the windows before they close and I am disconnected. On
the rare occasions that i have got a partial image it soon
disconnects. When I did get a window i checked the data being
received by it and it indicated that all packets were being lost.
Can you please tell me what is wrong. Sorry to ramble on a bit but I
wanted to give you as much info as I could. Thank You