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At 08:25 PM 12/29/95 +0100, you wrote:
>>but my problem is due to Dutch providers who have banned the use of
>>CU-SeeMe from the net. Try to check with your provider first.
>How does this actually happen? How do you block a CU-SeeMe signal and
>allow the rest to pass?
>Just curious

Their router has what is called a "firewall" that blocks UDP packets, which
is what CU-SeeMe uses to send its data. They might even block only UDP port
7648. The following info is straight from the readme.txt file:

CU-SeeMe uses the UDP protocol. This is different from most TCP/IP
applications which use TCP. UDP is used by NFS (Network File System)
and PING and a few other programs.

CU-SeeMe uses UDP socket 7648. Some network providers have "firewalls"
installed that prevent UDP traffic such as CU-SeeMe from flowing. Some
of these providers are willing to remove the firewall for you if you
ask, some are not. There is more information about firewalls in FAQ.TXT.

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