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Sat, 30 Dec 1995 09:04:49 -0330

Not all Internet traffic is the same. Most types of activity utilizes a =
specific "port". As an example, smtp mail uses both port 110 and port =
25. Web service uses 80. Telnet uses 23. FTP uses 21.

CUseeme uses a type of transport called UDP as does such realtime =
products as Internet Phone and Streamworks. It's "port" is also =
specific although I can't remember the exact number at this time.

To block it you just tell the router device to ignore that port and not =
pass the packets from one side to the other.

From: Stefaan Quix[]
Sent: Friday, December 29, 1995 3:55 PM
Subject: -- HOWTO "BAN CU-SEEME ? --

>but my problem is due to Dutch providers who have banned the use of
>CU-SeeMe from the net. Try to check with your provider first.

How does this actually happen? How do you block a CU-SeeMe signal and
allow the rest to pass?
Just curious



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