John Richardson (
Sat, 16 Dec 1995 18:46:23 -0500

I just purchased a Connectix Quick Cam and am trying to setup
cu-see-me to work with it. Does anyone out there have a complete (idiot
proof) list of instructions for getting this duo to work together. I am
running Windows 95 on a ZEOS 120Mhz pentium. I am using Windows 95 dial
up networking to connect to an internet service provider in Indianapolis
using a US Robotics 28.8 Sportster modem. I have a PPP account with my
service provider. The camera itself works OK (I havn't figured out the
audio part just yet - I can barely hear it when I play back a movie) but
I am not sure of the cu-see-me installation procedure or the procedure
for getting a connection once I do get set up! Any help would be
greatly appreciated!Thanks,
John Richardson