Re: error message on Mac

Richard (
Sun, 31 Dec 1995 11:30:28 +0000

At 13:23 30/12/95, wrote:
>I have a Performa 6200CD and when I try to load the CU-SeeMe new software
>0.83b3 I get this message:
> Can't open MacTCP err=-23004
>I dont know why it cant find it. I had apple talk off and then turned it on.
> Is there something in the TCP setup that I have to put for it to load?
>Please help.
>Buddy Q

Buddy try logging on to the net first and then load up CUSeeMe next when on
line...check the Control Panels in the system and see if by any mistake
MacTCP has been disabled or MacTCPDNR to be use that..I'd like to know if
it works