CU See Me bug (or something)

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Sun, 31 Dec 95 11:04:03 -0500

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>Subject: CU See Me bug (or something)
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> I am having problems with CU See Me. Usually I can boot up my
>computer, dial into my local internet provider, and then connect to a
>reflector site, no problem. The problems begin when, between 5 mins to 1/2
>hour after I connect, my internet connection suddenly disconnected in the
>middle of everything. At this point if I try to dial up my local provider
>again and reconnect to a reflector site, I ALWAYS get the same message "no
>response". No matter what I try I can't connect to ANY reflector site. All
>my other internet programs work fine. The only way I have found to fix this
>problem is to RE-BOOT my computer, dial up the internet provider, and then
>connect to a reflector site. Quiting and restarting CU See Me doesn't fix
>it, only re-booting my computer works. What is the problem here? I hear
>that new PC version of CU See Me will be released soon. Does this new
>version solve this problem?

I don't know why this is but you have to realize that Murphy's Law is always
in effect. This happens to me on occasion. And yes, I have to reboot to
reconnect cuseeme. The way I look at it is this is the solution to the
problem, thank God I found one!