Reflector lists...PLEASE READ THIS!

Mike McCool (
Sun, 31 Dec 1995 21:14:17 +0000

To whom it may concern,

I have just been looking through John Beckers list for reflectors and was
shocked to read the comments describing the reflector at this site.

Target64= *Univ Ulster (IR)
;Reflector Name: Interactive Systems Centre, Magee College, Univ of Ulster
;Location: Northern Ireland
;Contact: Mike McCool
;Web Page:
;Last Response: 10/23/95
;Comments: Heavy usage by gay males;

I would like to point out the following:

This is not a gay reflector, nor was it set up to be a gay reflector and I,
as the maintainer, object to it being "ADVERTISED" or "LABELLED" as being
such !

It is however (for the moment), a "PUBLIC" 24hr reflector that runs within
the infrastructure of a University Research Centre and is used extensively
by Universities, Schools and Community Groups both locally and
internationally for research purposes. "EVERYONE" is welcome to use it but
I would emphasise that neither appearing naked nor the sexual harrassment
of other users are appropriate on a reflector such as this and cannot be

It is only lately that I have become aware that some visitors to our
reflector were behaving in ways inappropriate to a research/education
server. My ignorance of these activities was because they usually took
place outside of normal working hours (GMT here), the unwanted visitors
coming mainly from the USA.

I have now taken steps to prevent similar activities from taking place in
the future. I have banned the IP sets of persons I have caught flashing and
behaving inappropriately. I have also emailed ISP's regarding their users
behaviour (the ones I managed to trace), and I have issued a warning in the
reflector login message window that they are not welcome. I may in the
future have to close the reflector down outside of office hours if these
activities do not cease.

Im quite sure that John Becker meant well in the production of this list.
In fact I congratulate him on such a comprehensive and very useful listing
but I do hope the above will be reflected in his soon to be updated
reflector list and suggest that in future, before comments like these are
published that the maintainers of reflector sites be informed.

Regards and a Very Happy New Year to all!

Mike McCool
Interactive Systems Centre (ISC)
Magee College
University of Ulster
Derry Tel: +44 1504 375405
N.Ireland. Fax: +44 1504 370040
BT48 7JL
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