RE: Pro Movie Studio

Steve Loboyko (
Sun, 31 Dec 1995 11:16:13 -0600

If you get the newest drivers from, the PMS board DOES work
with Cu-SeeMe and Windows 3.1.

1. Install Video for Windows in Windows
2. Install the PMS drivers and set up the board (in DOS, don't do this from
a DOS box in Windows))
3. Use the VCR DOS program in DOS (mediavision demo program) to verify
that it DOES work
4. Go to Windows and try vidcap, should work fine
5. Use the white pine demo or newer CU that has invert palette functions and
invert the palette
6. The setup works!

Now, if only someone could help me with my problem: Windows 95.

The Medivision board uses a 4K hole in high RAM to pass video data between
the board and its drivers. Mediavision does not intend to provide a true
windows 95 driver for the board (reasonable, as the board is obsolete) but a
real mode driver should work. I've done everything right - set up the board
in an area where emm is excluded, I can see that it is excluded with
Microsoft Diagostics - and yet, I get "white screen" from both the DOS
VCR.EXE program and within Windows!

HIMEM is the culprit. IF I don't use HIMEM, the board works fine with
VCR.EXE (but you can't run 95 without HIMEM.SYS).

If anyone has some ideas, I'd really like to hear them...

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