Re: Can you recommend any good reflectors?

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 18:17:23 -0600

At 10:18 PM 12/1/96 +0000, you wrote:
>I have just started using the CU-SeeMe software but the only reflector
>that I have been able to connect to (and get pictures back) is the White
>Pine machine which seems to be occupied most of the time by men who seem
>pre occupied in showing their nether regions to each other! However, I
>now find that I can't even get into this machine so presumably the
>owners have objected to this behavour and locked out the IP addresses of
>those involved including mine (an innocent lurker) (:-)
>I am quite keen to experience the use of this excellent facility for non
>sexual purposes and wondered if anyone could recommend a busy reflector
>that I can use to demonstrate CU-SeeMe to some people interested in the
>Internet some of whom could be youngsters?
>Any help would be greatfully received.

Lots of nice people on my ref:

NO Blues

and usually has someone there, tho I just left it and it is empty. Also go
get a list from my web page.

Bill Woodland (Squeek)