Mac CU-SeeMe freezes too long on speech

John Ingham (
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 17:40:02 +1030

Hi guys,

I use both the Freeware and White Pine versions of CU-SeeMe for the
Macintosh over a 28,800 dial-up modem. I have noticed that whenever I
speak the transmit video automatically pauses. This is a good thing
because speech is a real bandwidth hog, although it is a feature which does
not seem to be present in the Windoze versions.

Unfortunately though, the video does not automatically un-freeze for a LONG
time after the transmit speech has stopped. This is so for all tested
versions of CU-SeeMe on several different Macs - 7100, 7200 - and there
does not seem to be any way in which the user can manually re-start the
video before it is ready to go. The longer you speak, the longer the
delay! However the NASA feeds don't seem to suffer from this problem.
Maybe that's because they have a higher bandwidth cap, I don't know.

Anyway, has anyone else noticed this? Is there a work-around? Is anything
being done by either the Cornell team or White Pine to address this issue?

Thank you.

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