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At 01:27 PM 12/2/96 +0100, you wrote:
>we would like to set-up a reflector (White-Pine Release 2.0) on Windows NT
>(Rel 3.5 or 4.0),
>accepting in the same time clients from LAN (fixed IP addresses) and from
>Wan (dynamic ip addresses via GSTN)
>is that possible ? how ?
>thanks a lot,
> bernard, from Paris (france, not texas)

Sure is possible. They have a GUI for configuring it, and/or you can telnet
to the ref and make the changes there. You can also now save the changes
from within the telnet session so if the reflector restarts, the changes
will still be in effect.

The ADMIT statement is used to limit access to an IP range.

my LAN is at 2104.64.168.196 thru 255 means 204.* means 204.64.*.* means 204.64.168.* means through .255

binary of .196 is 11000000, so an address mask of means to
allow any setting which has the first 3 numbers, but the last number has to
have the first two bits set, which would be 192-255

by WAN I assume you mean the entire internet

max/max is maximum senders/maximum lurkers

conference allow admit
0 <blank> <blank>
1 <blank>

The first would give me a conference that anyone on the internet can use.
The second would restrict access to only people on my LAN.

Here is the output of the "help commands" from a telnet session, which
should give you an idea of the other kinds of things that can be set:

Reflector Connection Commands:
admit-bcc-client Send BCC stream to a reflector
admit-general-bcc Send Non-specific reflector bcc stream
obtain-bcc Get stream from another reflector
unicast-ref Enable client interaction with another reflector
mc Mulitcast ref/ref connections
Client Access Control Commands:
admit Only allow access
admit-sender Always allow sender
allow Always allow access
deny-msg Message to send when denying access
deny Always deny access to sender
time-exempt Exempt from time limit
time-limit Set a time limit
kill-msg Message to send when killing a client
kill Kill a client
one-time-admit Kill a client
extend-time Increase an existing connections's connect time
Client Rate Control Commands:
max-recv Upper limit on max-recv
max-send Upper limit on max-send
min-recv Upper limit on min-recv
min-send Upper limit on min-send
rate-adapt Rate adapt controls
delay Delay-threshold high-max-recv
Load Control Commands:
max-participants Set max number of participants
max-senders Set max number of senders
max-lurkers Set max number of lurkers
cap Limit transmission rates
NV Related Commands:
nv-uc unicast NV setup
nv misc NV controls
nv-mc multicast NV setup
VAT Related Commands:
vat-uc unicast VAT setup
vat misc VAT controls
vat-mc multicast VAT setup
Status Information Commands:
maven Show reflector maven users
term Terminate the reflector
shut-down Terminate the reflector and don't restart
uptime Show time reflector started
users Show all users
version Show reflector version
who Show reflector users
user-info Associate a user-id with an IP address
Client Multicast Control:
announce-mc Session Announce Multicast Group
control-mc Client Control Multicast Group
video-mc Client Video Mulitcast Group
Conference Control Commands:
conf Conference control
audio Turn audio throughput on/off
aux-data Turn chat/whiteboard throughput on/off
local Normal participants are local only
observer Normal particpants interact with admitted senders
observer-broadcast All particpants are unable to interact
private Inhibit output in confernce list
root Root conference, members of all conferences
self-reflect Send media back to sending client
video Turn video throughput on/off
multicast Turn conference multicast on/off
mc-broadcast Turn multicast-broadcast on/off
start-time Start Time of conference
stop-time Stop time of conference
timeout-warning Amount of conference connect time left
Conference Description Commands:
owner Conference Owner
url Conference URL
email Conference E-Mail address
phone Conference phone number
user-desc Description of conference
Message Commands:
motd Message of the day
bad-conf-id-msg Message for bad conference ID
admit-reject-msg Message on rejecting admission
Debug Commands:
debug Turn debug on/off
trace Trace IP addrs
log Select log file
log-limit Control size of log file
log-timer Control interval of time messages in log file
track Control interval of time messages in log file
track-timer Control interval of time messages in log file
Telnet Session Commands:
password Enable password protected commands
conf-password Assign a conference password and password-invalid
allow-wpconfig Allow access for telnet sessions
setenv set environmental variable
printenv Show environmental variables
help This Command
exit Close session
quit Close session
save Save current configuration
load Load a configuration

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