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Justin M. W. Goo (
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 08:52:50 -0800

Hi Everyone,

I am a student at Claremont Graduate School in Information Sciences. I =
am doing researching the CU-SeeMe Project for my Telecommunications =
class, and I was hoping that you could help me out by filling out a =
short and quick little survey for me? I will compile the data and =
publish to the web as well. Please help me out? Thanks a lot.

Instructions: You can use this mail as a form and simply reply to it =
with X's next to your answer. But please reply to me and not to the =
mailing list, and make sure the word "survey" is in the subject line, so =
I can filter out all the mail I get. Please respond ASAP (within a =
week), like all students, I've waited too long and the project is due =
really soon! Shame on me...

Some Demographics:

Your Sex?

How old are you?
_ Under 15
_ 16-18
_ 18-21
_ 21-24
_ 25-30
_ 30-35
_ 35-40
_ 45-50
_ 50-60
_ 60 and up

Do you live in the US?
_Uh... Does Canada count?
_Other: If other, please specify:

Is English your native language?
_N: If no, please specify your native langage:

Are you ethnically
_Native American
_Pacific Islander
_Other Asian
_Native American
_Other European
_Middle Eastern
_Other: Did I miss any?

How computer literate are you?
_ Computer Virgin
_ Newbie!
_ Know your way around
_ Work with it every day
_ Expert computer wiz
_ Can't live without it!!

How long have you used computers?
_ less than 1 year
_ 1-3 years
_ 3-5 years
_ 5-7 years
_ 7-10 years
_ 10 - 15 years
_ 15-20 years
_ Over 20 years

How long are you online a week?
_Just check mail
_1-2 hours
_2-5 hours
_5-10 hours
_10-15 hours
_15-20 hours
_ over 20 hours

Are you a student?

Do you work in a computer related field?

Specifically what is your occupation? (Gotta write this one in)

What kind of computer do you work on?
_Windows 3.1
_Windows NT
_Other forms of UNIX
_Other: Please specify:

Your income (I know this is touchy)
_ Filthy Rich
_ Upper Middle Class
_ Middle Class
_ Working Class

Are you married?
_Y: If so, how many kids?

Onto the CU-SeeMe Part!!

How long have you used CU-SeeMe?
_less than 6 months
_6 months - 1 year
_1-2 years
_2-3 years
_3-5 years
_Over that (is that possible?)

Which do you use?
_White Pine Commercial
_ Both

What camera do you use?
_Connectix Quick Cam
_Video Capture Board
_ Other devices

Do you get color?

Do you get sound?

What is your connection speed?
_ 14.4
_ 28.8
_ 56K ISDN
_ 128K ISDN
_ Fractional T1
_ T1
_ T3
_ Other: Specify:

How much have you spent to use CU-SeeMe? (include the cost of the =
computer, if you bought it to do this, and didn't already have it to do =
word processing or something else)
_Under $100
_Over $3000... you must be kidding.

How far do you communicate?
_Over a LAN
_Within the city
_Within the state/province
_Across the country

Do you use is it for:

If personal, who do you talk to?
_Meet People/Strangers
_Other, Specify:

If Business, how do you use it?
_Video Conference with clients
_with staff
_with management
_with other team members
_ for distance learning
_ other: Again Please Specify:

How would you rate the video quality?
_I've seen flip books that are better
_Its a flip book, but I can live with it
_Slow motion, like a John Woo Movie?
_Decent speed, decent quality
_Pretty Good
_Wow, this is the real McCoy! Like Star Trek!!

How would you rate the sound quality?
_what language are you speaking
_trucker/taxi cab gibberish
_ AM Radio
_FM or real Telephone
_CD or so real that the person sounds like they're next to you

What do you think of the product overall?
_We're just not there yet
_ It's amazing what technology can do
_ Decent product, usable
_ I like this, it's so cool!
_ I couldn't live without it!!

How long do you think until videoconferencing is as common as phone, =
e-mail or fax?
_It's here already
_Within the next 1-2 years
_About 5 years
_About 10 years
_Beyond 10 years
_Never, it's just not practical

Are there any other comments that you'd like to share?

Thank you so so so so much for helping me out here!!! You're cool, =
you're beautiful!! May you win the lottery for your good deed!! Thank =
you thank you thank you...

-Justin Goo

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