reflector list

Paolo Molinari (
02 Dec 96 18:30:44 +0000

I've recently installed the CU-SeeMe sw on my Mac and it took quite a
while before I found a reflector list on the web. I started then typing
all those IP addresses in the CU-SeeMe adr. book, and it took me almost
half an hour before I got through the whole list. I didn't get any
response from the most of the reflectors the list and I presume a lot of
them are not operative any longer. My question is (I know - how many
times you must have read this ...): is there a place on the web where
you can download an updated reflector file to drop straight in the
preferences-folder of the Mac?

a newbee CU-SeeMe user

Paolo Molinari

P.S. please, excuse my poor english