Re: cu-seeme error

John Ingham (
Tue, 3 Dec 1996 10:22:30 +1030

Gary just asked...
>I don't have a camera yet for cu-seeme, but I get this message everytime I
>start cu-seeme
>CU-SeeMe cannot detect a video-capture device.
>You will not be able to capture or send video.
>also there are no drivers listed in cu-seeme under preferences in video
>video compression codec is blank
>video capture device is blank
>when I connect a Quick-cam will it fix the error and drivers in cu-seeme
In a word Gary, YES. When you purchase your Connectix camera you will also
get several disks containing all the software you need with a little
booklet explaining how to install them on your computer. Note however, you
don't say if you have a Mac or a Windoze box - you must get the correct
version for your system!

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