Re: Can't get CU-SeeMe to work!!!!

Bill Woodland (
Tue, 03 Dec 1996 07:49:03 -0600

At 10:16 PM 11/22/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> From: George F. Budnar <u660901@csi.UOttawa.CA>
>> To:
>> Subject: Can't get CU-SeeMe to work!!!!
>> Date: Friday, November 22, 1996 9:38 AM
>> I am running Windows 95, and I can't get Cornell CU-SeeMe 0.84b7 to
>> work. I have downloaded and installed at least 3 times, but I still get
>> the same errors, and doesn't metter if I am on line or not. The errors
>> are the followings:
>> -First:
>> Gethostbyname()failed(11003)
>> {not the GetHostName error}
>Hi, George;
> The Cornell Cuseeme is a 16bit program. It needs a 16bit winsock to
>connect to the net. If you use Window95 dialer , must have Microsoft
>winsock.dll in your window folder. if you use a different dialer such from
>your provider you have to use thier winsock.
> Hope this helps you.


Not true. I'm on win95, using the dial up networking (DUN) and the Cornell
version works fine when I use that one. The Cornell version IS a 16 bit
version, but it works just fine with 32 bit tcp stacks. It's the other way
around that doesn't work....using the old 16bit Trumpet for tcp, and running
the 32bit version of CU, or 32bit netscape, eudora, etc.

Bill Woodland (Squeek)