For Mark Allard re NASA-TV

John Ingham (
Wed, 4 Dec 1996 11:35:11 +1030

Thank-you Mark Allard for your direct and timely response to my question re
converting the NASA-TV CU-SeeMe feed to color. I tried to reply to you
direct (reply below) but my e-mail was returned "Host unknown (Name server:
mallard: host not found)" which makes no sense! So I am posting this to
the CU-SeeMe list hoping that you will pick it up. Apologies to others on
the list...

If I may take just a little more of your time for a quick comment please.
You may have read my other post about how when I transmit sound via my Mac
7200 running either the Cornell or White Pine CU-SeeMe on a 28,800 dial-up
modem, my out-going video freezes (a good thing) but stays frozen for too
long after I stop speaking. How do the NASA people get around this because
in a broadcast situation this would be intollerable. Certainly I don't
notice any freeze in NASA video during press conferences and the like.
Your comments please?

>NASA and White Pine have been working together to upgrade the NASA-TV
>CU-SeeMe reflector infrastructure to color over the last several weeks,
>this includes conversion of over 20 linked reflectors located all over the
>world so there are still some logistics to work out.
>The conversion process and schedule is still in development and being
>coordinated out of NASA-Lewis so I can't give you a clear date other than
>fairly soon, however, we at NASA-Ames are already set to accept and reflect
>the color stream.
>Hope this informal update answers your question adequately,

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