Re: CU Stuck on Cudoodle

John Ingham (
Thu, 5 Dec 1996 09:57:01 +1030

Brian just said...
>Hi -
>I'm running the Windows cornell version -with a QuickCam and
> One day- I ran it w/o my quickcam on, and it gave an error, and
>defaulted to cudoodle (as near as I can recall) and now its stuck on
> <snip>
>What can I do to set cu to use my quickcam again?
My experience with CU-SeeMe and QuickCam is only with the Mac versions but
I would suggest that you re-install the QuickCam drivers again. This
worked for me when my drivers became corrupt. Reinstalling should
over-write any "hooks" into your system put there by the CU-Doodle. Good

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